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Professional and Licensed Animal Removal & Trapping in Palm Beach County

Looking for Palm Beach County wildlife removal services? Here at On Point Wildlife Removal, we know exactly what you are going through when animals have invaded your home. As a local family-owned and operated from Melbourne, FL wildlife control company, we know what it’s like to worry about the safety of our kids and pets when removing wildlife. With the individual needs of every family hitting so close to home for us, we put an extreme emphasis on speed, efficiency, and safety. We are here for you no matter if your problem is a dead animal stinking up your home, a skunk that’s fallen down a window well, squirrels dashing across your attic or you have a rat that is just too smart to trap. You will always be greeted by a knowledgeable friendly voice on the other end of the line. We are the highest-rated wildlife control and ADC (1) business in Brevard and Indian River Counties, our customer reviews speak volumes about how hard we work to satisfy each and every customer that is faced with a pest issue. Starting from our full home inspection process, we find every area of the home that has been breached, or is vulnerable and also document any areas that can allow critters to access areas of entry. Once we perform a full inspection, if there is a critter issue, we will find it. Removing wild animals should always be done by a professional that is fully trained to properly handle wildlife. Before you hire a company to work on or in your home, don’t allow any services to start before you read the documentation that states the technician providing the services is licensed and insured. Cat, dog, and domestic animal care and control is provided by The Brevard Humane Society (2), they can be reached at – (321) 636-3343

Rat Removal Palm Beach County, FL

Rats may cause significant property damage. On Point Wildlife’s rat removal specialists are available in west palm beach, FL, to treat your rat problem. Rats have strong claws that can gnaw through insulation and wiring. They also spread illnesses through their droppings and urine, which is why it’s important to contact the rat control experts at On Point Wildlife as soon as possible!

Rats are animals that are known to cause considerable damage through their presence in your home or business. Rats are considered nuisances, and this is a term that refers to an animal that is capable of causing problems for people or property. Because rats may be destructive pests that can wreak havoc on your house or facility, it’s critical to call a rat removal professional as soon as possible if you detect a rat infestation and need to get rid of the rodents to avoid future damage.

Rats are destructive vermin that may wreak havoc on your home or business. They have strong claws that can gnaw through insulation and wiring. They can also transmit diseases via their dung and urine, as well as cause extensive damage to your house or property.

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Raccoon Removal Palm Beach County, FL

Are you dealing with a band of nuisance raccoons ransacking your attic and making loud noises at night. Raccoons in the attic are an enormous problem. They can get into your roof in less than an hour, causing significant water damage to your home and attic insulation. Depending on the house, they may enter an attic in under 60 seconds if they are ripping open a soffit. The problem does not stop with entry, either; if a raccoon enters your home, your attic insulation will be ruined in just a few days as they stroll back and forth. This is a major concern when it comes to energy costs in Florida.

It’s been estimated that poorly insulated attics can double or treble your energy expenditures. Raccoon feces is also harmful due to parasites known as raccoon roundworms, which can be deadly if ingested by humans. 6 of every 10 raccoons are infected with this parasite inside their bodies, the eggs may lie dormant for 5-7 years and must only be burned to destroy them.

Roundworms are a common and often minor illness in humans and animals. When a person or pet is infested, it’s typically only after they’ve lost their sight that doctors discover that roundworms are to blame for the sickness. We have raccoon removal professionals on our wildlife control team who know how to handle these situations safely, with your animal damages repaired and returned to normal.

We provide guaranteed raccoon exclusion services so that raccoons can no longer access open entry points or weak areas of the house. In addition, we carry out attic damage assessments and repairs in Columbus, OH. For the attic damage, our crew handles the complete cleanup and insulation removal from start to end. Homeowners’ insurance policies may cover much of the attic restoration on occasion. Give us a call now if you need to get rid of a raccoon or have any questions.

Bat Removal Palm Beach County Florida

Are you in need of professional bat removal in Palm Beach County, Florida? Do you see bats flying around your gutters, soffits, vents, or roof line? Or even worse have they moved into your attic? Does your house or attic smell of ammonia? There are specific signs of bats making a home inside of your attic including grease marks or urine staining around entry points, strong ammonia odor due to urine and guano build-up, visible guano in the attic or stuck around entry points, and of course, random bats making their way into the living quarters of your house. We offer our professional services to provide you with efficient bat control, guano removal, and exclusion services.

According to federal law bats can only be removed during a particular time of the year as they are protected during the bat maternity season, so please be aware of attempting to get rid of bats yourself without knowing the federal laws protecting them. After our bat exclusion service is completed, we then proceed with the bat droppings removal, attic restoration, and cleaning out all of your damaged attic insulation. Did you know that bat droppings carry a spore that can cause lung disease if inhaled? This disease is called histoplasmosis and is also found in pigeon droppings. The spores that are inhaled to cause this are called Histoplasma Capsulatum. Because these spores are inhaled from the air bar guano should never be swept up or vacuumed with our HEPA filtration to prevent kicking the spores up and distributing them into the air.

Squirrel Removal Palm Beach County Florida

Squirrels are one of the most common species of nuisance wildlife. They live in attics, chimneys, and remote corners that aren’t often visited. Learn more about how squirrel invasions happen. Squirrels in your home may cause significant damage to your house and attic insulation, not to mention being home pests. The most effective technique to capture and remove squirrels from your attic is by utilizing squirrel traps, which are suitable for all sorts of squirrels and the most humane option for trapping and removing home pests when it comes to squirrels control. However, they won’t go away on their own. To permanently get rid of squirrels in your house or company, you must make it less Squirrel-friendly and more attractive.

Setting up squirrel traps to remove unwanted wildlife from your property or business may be accomplished by examining buildings to find and seal the entry points that squirrels use to gain access. (seal the areas where they enter the house using a hard substance such as metal mesh or plate.) These openings should be blocked with a tough material like as metallic mesh or plate that can’t be chewed through. Inside chimneys, on the other hand, should have chimney caps and metallic meshes over their entrance points, while entrance holes/spaces should be covered with metallic plates.

Another pest management recommendation that any animal control professional would give you is to chop off surrounding trees’ branches that extend all the way to the roofs in order to decrease the number of squirrels in your home. Most removal experts from various wildlife removal firms advocate cutting local tree limbs approximately 8-10 feet away from the roofs to make it difficult for squirrels to leap from their nests to attics. Of course, if you want to avoid all of that hassle, call us and we will take care of the squirrels for you!

Iguana Removal Palm Beach County Florida

You might have observed that there has been an increase in Iguanas in Cocoa Beach over the past few years. It’s gotten so bad that Floridians were permitted to humanely kill iguanas last year if they had a chance. But who wants to do it? That is why your neighbors have been calling us. In Cocoa Beach, On Point Wildlife Removal can trap and remove Iguanas from commercial or residential properties humanely. Did you know that Iguanas can grow to be over six feet long? And they are not afraid of humans! Iguanas can also cause significant damage to your landscaping by digging holes and eating your plants.

The green iguana is the main culprit. It is considered an invasive species in South Florida and is found along the east coast and Gulf Coast of Florida. The original inhabitants of the Florida Keys were stowaways on ships from South America that carried fruit. Other iguanas have been introduced into the wild over time, mostly as a result of the pet trade. Some escaped on their own and others were released by their owners; these iguanas survived and thrived in their new home.